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Charlie Lee of Litecoin (LTC) on Why People Should Not buy Altcoins or Speculative Investments

Charlie Lee recently re-tweeted on how even if you are not going to do anything illegal, you will not want people to know how much money you have or what your paycheck is.

Litecoin as it is well known are not focusing on the subsector of “privacy coins.”  Cryptocurrencies that have the embedded technology that shields the identification of information from the public view is the most preferred for buying.  Shielded transaction and ring signature kind of capabilities are the most preferred for privacy transactions.

Litecoin are now looking to adopt the key privacy-enhancing features to make stuff appealing for cryptocurrency users. These enhancements are already being tested with further upgrade to the main network being scheduled for the forth coming year.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Litecoin (LTC) is bubbly with enthusiasm doing lot of things to improve appeal for what they offer.  Waiting!”

It just looks like users are very concerned about privacy these days.  It is well-known that when money is sent through a blockchain the transfers are visible to many people across the internet.  This makes things easy for users to be able to track and monitor the different wallet addresses.  Entities can thus be eventually identified.

Enjoying the advantages of the blockchain without giving up on the glaring transparencies is the major aim of several crypto enthusiasts. This is becoming very important because regulators and law enforcement agencies are looking to scrutinize cryptocurrency trading to ensure they are in compliance with tax and anti-money laundering rules.

Litecoin (LTC) Birthday Prices

Charlie opined, people shouldn’t be buying Altcoins if they don’t have much money for investments, especially speculative investments.

Charlie Lee tweeted:  “To celebrate Litecoin’s birthday, we’re having a 1 LTC off sale for the Litecoin Block card.  For the next 24 hours, the price is 17 LTC or 0.075 BTC.  All proceeds will go to the Litecoin Foundation and will help fund MWEB on Litecoin.”

Litecoin price on its birthday was at, “10/13/2012 – $0.09 10/13/2013 – $2.08 10/13/2014 – $4.07 10/13/2015 – $3.13 10/13/2016 – $3.88 10/13/2017 – $63.91 10/13/2018 – $53.93 10/13/2019 – $56.49 10/13/2020 – $50.00.”

Someone took to some price discovery ideals, which have to state that Q4 2021 is going to be crazy! Litecoin’s avg. price 1st 5 birthdays = $2.65 Litecoin’s ATH shortly after 5th b-day = $360 which was a 135x increase in its avg. price! Litecoin’s presumable avg. price next 5 birthdays = $57.26 Litecoin’s ATH Q4 2021? $7,730.

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