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Big Players’ Interest In BTC, XRP, ETH Is Revealed By Ripple Survey

The crypto space has set as the main target crypto and blockchain mass adoption, and things have been going great in this direction.

One of the main ingredients for the achievement of the mainstream adoption of digital assets are the big players, wealthy investors – institutions.

Now, it’s been revealed via a Ripple survey that the levels of interest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, stablecoins, and CBDCs are on the rise among payments professionals.

Interest in the most important digital assets

According to the latest reports coming from the Daily Hodl, back in August and September, Ripple asked 854 executives across 22 countries about their interest in digital assets.

“Of the group, 34% say their companies are already in production with blockchain technology for payments-related use cases. 24% of respondents say they are moving into production, and 21% say they are running a pilot or proof of concept for blockchain tech,” according to the notes.

The survey also revealed that “47% of respondents say they are interested in Bitcoin, 25% are interested in Ethereum, and 19% are interested in XRP – all down from 2018, when the crypto markets were in the early days of a long-term pullback.”

E45rethkp - Big Players' Interest In BTC, XRP, ETH Is Revealed By Ripple Survey

You can out more details in the graph above.

Regarding the fluctuations in the interest in digital assets, it’s been revealed by the survey that people are still worried due to massive price volatility in the crypto space.

“This year, the report revealed that price swings experienced by the top two digital assets and arguably the most well known – Bitcoin and Ether – influence respondents’ perception of volatility and pose a problem,” according to the report.

Check out the complete report in order to learn all the available data.

In other Ripple related news, Ripple’s Swell conference turned out to bring some pretty interesting news.

During a presentation, there were revealed details that promoted Ripple’s partnership with Bank of America.

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