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IOHK Drops New Blog Post About Marlowe

IOHK just released a new post about Marlowe, and the team made the announcement on Twitter as well.

Check out the recent post on social media below:

The official blog post presents Marlowe in a nutshell.

“Marlowe has the potential to give people the chance to make financial commitments and trades without a third party facilitating it: the blockchain ensures that the contract is followed,” IOHK notes, among others.

The team also pointed out the fact that “We are building a Marlowe implementation of disintermediated contracts to offer to end-users who want to make peer-to-peer financial deals directly without the intervention of any third parties.”

We recommend that you check out the complete blog post in order to learn all the available details.

Cardano’s vision for a greener blockchain protocol

Cardano has been making lots of headlines due to various achievements lately.

Cardano is addressing some environmental issues in a recent post.

Check out the Foundation’s message that the team posted on its social media account:

We recommend that you check out the complete blog post that the team wrote in order to learn some very interesting details about Cardano’s vision for a greener ecosystem.

Regarding the price of ADA these days, at the moment of writing this article, ADA is trading in the green, and the coin is priced at $0.105881.

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