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Ethereum (ETH) Beacon Chain Deposit Contract Goes Live Transition Begins to ETH2 Probable Derivatives

Serenity is the protocol overhaul which focuses on improving the way in which the Ethereum blockchain will be processing transactions to support the growth of the Ethereum Network and its adoption. The Serenity upgrade will provide further decentralization by adding nodes and data sharding.  This will eventually permit the nodes to confirm the transactions more efficiently.

Nodes in Ethereum is a piece of software and it is also known as client.  The node also known as client does the job of verifying the transactions on the Ethereum network. To ensure decentralization Ethereum has a distributed network of nodes which will do the job of verifying the blocks and the transaction data.

Anyone who is willing to run a node of their own instance should have an application on the device that will function as the node.

Data Sharding is the process by which a large table of data is broken in to smaller manageable data known as the shards.  These data shards are spread across in different servers.  Sharing is a method of partitioning data and therefore one shard is a small part of the overall workload.

Ethereum tweeted:  “An essential piece of Ethereum Serenity upgrade, the Beacon Chain’s deposit contract, is live. This begins a transition to ETH2.”

The beacon chain is the core of Eth2, which ensures that the entire network are working in sync with the same data.

The entire network functioning in sync is a problem with ETH2.0 because the network will become many blockchains running in parallel. The shard chains are very important in increasing the numbers of transactions which Ethereum can handle per second.

Ethereum (ETH) Secondary Market

A secondary market for the staked Ether tokens will facilitate liquidity; however, this will depend upon how actively the market will trade these assets.

When pointing out to staked coin liquidity, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “Launching a derivatives market for beacon chain ethereum is reportedly expected to provide liquidity for investors in staked positions by deposit contract.”

If a staked ether secondary market happens, the value will be the amount of ether staked in the centralized exchange. However, there is a reported security concern because it is a principal agent problem according to experts.

The investors who are taking the financial risk are not any longer those who produce the blocks and those who validate the blocks do not have any direct financial risk, per experts.

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