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Ethereum: Wall Street gaint holds these 6 different DeFi tokens

  • The volume of the DeFi market is on its way to a new all-time high and currently stands at $12.13 billion.
  • The Wall Street company Jump Trading holds a total of 6 different DeFi and utility tokens due to promising prospects of success.

In addition to the brilliant price increase of Bitcoin in recent days, the volume of the DeFi market has also risen again. According to data from, the capital tied up in Ethereum for DeFi applications currently amounts to 12.13 billion USD and is on the direct way to a new all-time high. The following chart shows that especially in the last few days fresh capital has flowed into the market.

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The trend of the DeFi market has not gone unnoticed by Wall Street companies. An attentive analyst on Twitter took a closer look at the portfolio of a successful trading company.

Jumping Trading holds these 6 DeFi Tokens

According to Messari analyst Mason Nystrom, the Wall Street giant Jumping Trading, which employs a total of over 700 people in New York, Chicago, London, Shanghai and Singapore, holds more than $75 million in various cryptocurrencies. The company has been active in the crypto market for several years. Nystrom states that Jumping Trading owns COMP from Compound, KEEP from Keep Network, HXRO, Numeraire (NMR), Orchid Protocol (OXT) and MKR from MakerDAO. The majority of the capital, $32 million, has been invested in Serum.

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