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Buy XRP with Line of Credit from Ripple and on Leases Vs. Sales in Q3 Report

Ripple published the quarterly market report for XRP.  The report provides update about the state of the XRP market like – quarterly sales updates, XRP related announcements, and other developments.  Responsible stake holders according to Ripple need to be transparent and proactive in their communication about their stand on the asset.

The Q3 report provides updates about On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) and the introduction of the Line of Credit.

The Line of Credit is a new beta service on RippleNet, which permits customers who are using On-Demand Liquidity to source capital on demand. By making use of the Line of Credit, customers will be able to buy XRP from Ripple for credit. Thus, XRP stake holders will be able to raise the capital required to accelerate their business performance to further scale.

There is already an overwhelming response to the concept of Line of Credit.  Ripple also pointed to how in some cases XRP will originate from Ripple as opposed to from exchange and on how customers will be able to initiate cross-border payments from there.

ODL is expected to evolve with innovative financial solutions.  More innovations will pave way to leverage more of XRP.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan made a statement in his tweet stating, “The Q3 report points to how Ripple will be purchasing and continue to purchase XRP to support the healthy markets.  They call it Line of Credit Beta.  Alpha is about improving ODL Capabilities.”

Increased XRP liquidity for RippleNet ODL so far has been achieved with over-the-counter sales and leases.  They are looking to source the XRP that is being used in the open market apart from using the XRP from Ripple.

The Q3 report states, “Certain wallets that are being used for XRP sales also provide short term leases to market makers. This is worth noting given that this is often mischaracterized by market participants as sales. Leases are ultimately returned to Ripple.”

Ripple (XRP) Investors Responding to Q3 Report

From the point of view of investors, they are not bothered about the use cases, they are simply bothered about ROI.  Many of them are just waiting for things to break even to ultimately sell the coin away.

Some continue to propagate on how Ripple buys what Jed sells.  Pointers to how XRP is about 1500% away from its all-time high is indicative of how supporter attitudes are trending. Some stakeholders think that it is a never ending dip.

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