IOTA: Senseering works on GAIA-X certification

  • Senseering offers an IOTA-based solution to create a marketplace for data that can be shared among partners.
  • Senseering’s solution will be used in collaboration with the German state government to collect energy sector data.

In an interview for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Dr. Daniel Trauth spoke about the company he founded with Patrick Mettfeld, Senseering. In addition, he spoke about the cooperations Senseering has, including with the IOTA Foundation.

Senseering is a company that offers an industrial operating system to allow the connection of any type of device. The founders of the company intended to develop Artificial Intelligence, therefore, they required a means to share information between machines. Artificial intelligence, as Trauth stated, is only improved by having “access to more information from many sources” and systems. In that sense, the solution offered by Senseering could be defined as follows:

(…) is networked and has access to information that others may not have. Our idea of the data network, which could also be called a data marketplace, is based on the same principle. This metaphor is intended to make it clear that data has value so that it can be exchanged or remunerated. In most cases, companies see the risk of giving competitors advantages when exchanging data. In our case, however, it is a give and take. In order to address reservations about data security and data sovereignty, we have integrated a blockchaintechnology, the Tangle of the IOTA Foundation from Berlin, into our data network.

Trauth added that with IOTA’s technology the data accessed by the network users can be understood at any time and in its entirety. In this way, the Senseering solution creates a system of “trust between machines”.

GAIA-X certification with IOTA

The company has managed to secure partners, facets and cooperations of great relevance. One of them is with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. They also work with GAIA-X certification. The founder of Senseering stated:

GAIA-X is a project to build a powerful, secure and therefore trustworthy data infrastructure in Europe. With only a few modifications, the data marketplace of senseering GmbH could soon be GAIA-X compliant, and thus be an independent, open and networked data infrastructure with digital self-determination via its own data.

As CNF reported, in the middle of August possible cooperation between the IOTA Foundation and the global corporation Bosch in the European cloud project GAIA-X was speculated. The project involves 7 countries, the European Commission, and other partners. Its aim is to create a secure and reliable data infrastructure. Thus, it will be possible to depend less on foreign cloud companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, among others.

Senseering currently works with the Ministry of Economics of North Rhine-Westphalia in the data market. The founder of the company proposes that the solution they have developed based on IOTA can be used to obtain information from the energy sector. From there it could be expanded to include financial, municipal, and other data. Trauth said:

We need to understand the value of data and how it can simplify and improve our processes. Data is a commodity, like bread or butter in the grocery store.

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