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StellarQuest Series One Completed, Contestants Express Excitement as they Learn and Earn Stellar Lumens (XLM)

StellarQuest series one was completed on Friday 6th November with episode eight wrapping up basic knowledge about Stellar. Stellar Development Fund (SDF) through Tyler Van Der Hoeven (@tvdh) has strategically launched Stellarquest to propagate the knowledge about stellar protocol in a wisely packaged gamified way while rewarding them with Stellar Lumens (XLM).

StellarQuest Series 1

Community members are given a set of instructions or a quest with a clue. They are also given a list of document links on where they can read more about the challenge and more clues on how to complete the challenge. It is expected that for the set of abstract clues given, contestants should be able to instinctively connect the dots and solve the challenge. The Stellar Laboratory on the Stellar testnet is where they connect the dots. Stellar Laboratory is an easy to use tool with human-readable language that presents the Stellar protocol’s core to non-developers. The tool can be used by non-developers to virtually do or build everything that a developer can do just by filling forms.

While researching on how to solve the problem quickly ahead of others to get better rewards, contestants find themselves learning and understanding more about Stellar. Through the contest, users have learnt how to create a stellar account in the laboratory without a third-party application and how to pay fees for transactions on another account. They have also learnt how to set up multisig for an account, how to make path payments, how to create and send custom assets, etc.

Testimonies from Participants

For community members who participated, they expressed their joy, experience, and achievements via tweets and pictures. Ayobami Abiola, a writer at The Currency Analytics stated:

“… The things I learnt via #stellarquest season 1 are amazing. It literally gave me the ability to teach others. Though they might be on the surface but @tyvdh did a really amazing job. #XLM… I came to understand the reality and efficiency of incentivized competitive learning. The quests are quite simple to grasp… I completed all,  I was early to 6 quests, completed one late, and another really really late. Thank you @StellarOrg @tyvdh and #SDF”

Armin Reiter (@arminreiter) also opined:

“#stellarquest done, 8/8… Thanks @tyvdh for this great initiative! It helps to educate people to get not only into #stellar, but into #blockchain in general. badges are issued on stellar blockchain, so they serve as lifelong forgery-proof certificate for completion of @stellarquest”

The quest didn’t only help non-developers, it sharpened the skills of developers. Heavilyinvolved (@heavilyinvolved) tweeted:

“Really enjoyed participating in #StellarQuest! Learned a lot about #stellar and sharpened some dull #javascript skills. The community in #discord was pretty great too. Thanks @tyvdh! Looking forward to the next series”

There are many other testimonies from community members on the StellarQuest discord channel.

The Next Series

As at the time of writing, there are no official statements from the team on the dates for Series 2.

SDF has been active on many other fronts to make people, especially those who are new, see the beauty of Blockchain technology and Stellar protocol. Stellar is gaining its deserved visibility every day, and it’s because SDF is working at it.

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