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Veteran Analyst Tone Vays Say Bitcoin Charging to All-Time High – Here’s What’s Next for the Leading Cryptocurrency

Wall Street veteran and crypto analyst Tone Vays says Bitcoin (BTC) is poised to surge to a new all-time high.

In a new YouTube video, Vays identifies a key price area that will likely determine BTC’s price trajectory in the coming week.

“$15,000 for the end of [the] week is my middle ground on whether I’m bullish into next week or whether I believe the pullback has begun.” 

As bulls and bears battle it out around $15,000, the veteran trader believes that the current momentum will likely catapult Bitcoin to a fresh all-time high.

“I can’t wait to start saying we just made a new all-time high, which is coming sooner than later by the way.” 

In the short term, however, Vays thinks that the leading cryptocurrency is ripe for a correction.

“This looks like an amazing triangle where we have one touch here ($15,800), another touch here ($15,700), many touches here ($15,400)… If we get rejected later today at the $15,600 area, this sets us up for that pullback.

Now I know all of the fundamental metrics known to man are bullish right now and I understand that. The weekly chart is bullish. One of my most important indicators, the funding rate… is favoring the bulls. This is unprecedented probably my most important fundamental metric and my most important fundamental metric is telling me that we are going higher okay. But I rather be safe than sorry.” 

According to BitMEX, the funding rate is designed to incentivize crypto traders to bet against the trend to provide liquidity. A negative funding rate, which is currently the case according to Vays, is a scenario in which traders who are short on BTC can provide liquidity to possibly ignite a short squeeze.

Although BTC may retrace in the near term, Vays predicts that the most dominant cryptocurrency is en route to $17,000.

“As long as this candle closes above $15,000 on the weekly, that’s a very bullish candle and it’s very possible we can hit $17,000 over the next three weeks. It could be tomorrow, of course, but over the next three weeks, between tomorrow and three weeks from now, it’s very possible we’re going to hit $17,000 or even higher if this week’s candle closes above $15,000.” 


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