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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Unviles The Project’s Own Conspiracy Theory; No, It Doesn’t Involve Lizardmen

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson made a few followers on social media laugh with the tweet that he recently shared.

He said that Cardano is so popular now that they have their very own conspiracy theory. Check out what they are accused of below.

A follower said: “What is it they are accusing of now? Don’t tell me you are one of those lizardmen.”

Hoskinson asked: “QFS Blockchain enforced watermarks on the mail-in ballots as part of a counter deep state sting operation.”

Another follower said: “Is it that blockchain technology secretly wants to make the world a better place by introducing fair, equal systems?”

Cardano passes an important milestone towards decentralization

Anyway, in more serious news, earlier today, we revealed that Cardano managed to pass an important milestone towards decentralization.

Check out the post that the team at IOHK shared on their Twitter account.

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