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IOTA: Developer introduces PoC for middleware software for Tangle

  • Developer presents a project to create middleware based on IOTA Tangle.
  • The project will be used to create health sector applications to monitor patients.

IOTA developer Noman Nasir Minhas has presented a project to develop a middleware based on the IOTA Tangle. Minhas is a final semester software engineering student at Islamabad University in Pakistan.

Once completed, his project aims to create eHealth applications to monitor patients and to create an immutable database for the health sector. Minhas made the following publication in his Linkedin account:

60% implementation of my #finalyearproject has been accepted today. Our #fyp is to develop a #middleware for IOTA Foundation’s ledger and then build an #ehealth application for #remote patient monitoring. Our 60% project presentation included our complete #IOTA #middleware, #reactjs web application built using the developed middleware and #reactnative mobile app.

The developer presented a video showing the IOTA-based application for monitoring patients. The application requires a QR code to be scanned into a machine that is connected to the patient. There the application user can see the most important data about the current status of the connected person.



As shown in the image above, the application will allow access to the admission date, age, gender and even the patient’s history. In addition, the health personnel will be able to see their vital signs in order to compare them in tables and graphs, obtaining a broader perspective on the patient’s health status. The information is obtained by connecting to the IOTA Tangle.




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