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Ripple (XRP) is the Real Future of FinTech with a Purpose to Reach the Remotest and Unbanked

The day when banks and financial institutions will start using digital assets for their everyday business is not very far away.  It is true that the cryptocurrency industry is in its infancy. Being an early player, XRP is a sure winner.  They are helping build the banking trends of the future.

XRP has a clear purpose in the process of making it possible for financial institutions to send money across borders quickly and cheaply to customers and businesses across the world everywhere. With Ripple users are able to avoid the regular constraints like the waiting time and the high transaction fees.

Talking about cross border payment services from Ripple, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “RippleNet is offering real practical FinTech for retail customers, banks and major corporations. They are creating a new pattern of trust in the remittance industry.”

Ripple are continuing to expand their remittance markets to all countries in the world.  They are exploring the pros and cons of the public policies while working towards key actions to improve the future development of this market. Ripple are trying to take their remittance services to every remote corner of the world, whether to Asia, Africa or any other country.  They are trying to reach out to the remotest corners of the world to ensure quick remittance.

Remittances are crucial for the economic and social development of every country.  Every payment ecosystem is complex subject to geographical and cultural attitudes.  There are different fundamental issues in different payment landscapes.  Ripple are trying to take a practical approach to ensure that the blockchain technology is able to cater to the needs of the remotest culture, therefore making high performance technology possible for everyone.

Ripple (XRP) as a Service Protocol and ROI for Investors

The disappointed people are those who bought in to XRP as they are not able to see the kind of hike in price like they expected.  However, RippleNet as a technology has positively contributed to the way businesses and transactions operate.  Several entrepreneurs are happy as they know it is a blessing to send money to family on time.

There can no end to the need to invest.  Multiple investment streams are important considering the point in time where one might not have a job. XRP is one of the cryptocurrencies and investment choices. Those who are investing are impatient when they see their money is not multiplying as they expected it to be.

As a technology Ripple is doing a great job, but from investors standpoint, it is yet to score more.

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