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Bitcoin (BTC) and Gold Price Crash Is Like Donald Trump Having to Leave White House – Not Happening Without Drama

Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” spoke about how Gold and Bitcoin Price will Crash and why the 401K can be worthless very soon.

When asked for further clarifications about his statement when we will continue to live in a world of fiat debasements where zero interest rates that will still keep the safe havens high, Robert Kiyosaki has his own answers.

Taking to Daniela Cambone, he stated, “When the (COVID) vaccine appears and happy days are here again, the real problem has always been and remains the economy, the central banks, the repo market, central banks and U.S. Treasuries.”

However, all are not takers to Robert Kiyosaki’s views, some have to state that one day he is in favor of an idea and that the very next day he is against it.  Many times he says buy gold and the day next he says it will crash. Gold has been around forever.  And CoVid did not bring in new value to gold and it did not reinstate a super high weightage for cryptocurrency either.  The assets continue to stay – that is all.  Revolutionary changes have not yet occurred to anything.

On a similar light, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert opined:  “Speculators and Guessers like Robert Kiyosaki are going to give their views.  The world of finance is very complex to change too soon.  We need to remember that.  Bitcoin and Gold Crashing, we will wait and see if…”

There is no permanent good or bad time for investments.  Speculators and Guessers keeping messing things around.  An active trader knows that there is money when the market goes up and when the market goes down.  All the trader should do is to pull the act together at the right time. Market Dynamism is here to stay.

There is no denying that cryptocurrency is the 21st century method of making money and growing the value of whatever you have.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptocurrency Investments are Beautiful

Investments are beautiful. Some investments cost a whole lot.  And, yet others are for all.  The cryptocurrency thing is not yet ready to be the common man thing. It is only practical to not leave bitcoin for anything at all.

Speculators and guessers are going to keep the world confused for their own merits and media attention. Investments are risky indeed.

Speculators and guessers are going to influence and convince the masses to sell enough so that when a dip happens they can buy in.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Gold Price Crash Is Like Donald Trump Having to Leave White House – Not Happening Without Drama. The odd story will still sell well.

For those smart investors Bitcoin or Gold Crash is clearly a buying opportunity.

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