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ChainLink (LINK) Proves to be the King in Data Market Place for Its Accuracy in Price Feeds in Blockchain Space

ChainLink (LINK) survived the lows and came back in strong.  The price has been improving and investors are interested in rotating their capital into LINK.

Trustworthy collaboration is the need of the society.  Sergey Nazarov in the past discussed about “The Evolution of Smart Contracts and Crypto Economic Security.”

Sergey Nazarov recently expressed that any data or API can get easily sold across block chains.  And on:  “Sell existing APIs to Chainlink Oracle Networks, with zero changes to your infrastructure. 2. Sell signed data directly to smart contracts on many blockchains via your own official Chainlink.”

Smart Contracts go hand in hand with ChainLink Price feeds immaterial of whether it is for forex, equities, indices, forex or cryptocurrency. ChainLink price feeds have facilitated infinite liquidity in Derivatives trading.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “ChainLink have reached a point where it is possible for them to provide the Data for almost anything you can name.  Either they have it or they know how to get it done.”

It would be no surprise if ChainLink would ultimately bring all the world data on-chain.  The greatest data market place with everything under its umbrella.   The magnitude at which it is happening is huge.  There are new integrations taking place literally every day.  The future is already here and what is yet to come is brighter than now.

Sergey spoke about how it was a great work by Everipedia and AP in making US election data secured and available on-chain, across multiple chains, through Chainlink. And, this means the election data can be used in the blockchain prediction markets!

Forbes published on how associated press have used the Ethereum and EOS blockchains to prove that the election results are official.

Chainlink are probably proud about being able to make open source software very well to the extent it is a standard.

ChainLink (LINK) Smart Contracts and Oracle

Now that ChainLink have already become the standard for price feeds and several other data, the

Web developers are now combining multiple APIs, libraries and external services to provide for high value web applications. Sergey expressed that they are now seeing various smart contracts getting composed together with oracles to create real value.

Combining the power of several smart contracts using oracles is linking lot of links to make the chainlink Link dominant than ever.

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