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Denelle Dixon of Stellar Lumens (XLM) Busy on Business to Erase Inequality in the Financial System

Stellar Lumens Meridian 2020 are creating the global connections required to solve the real world challenges.  The countdown to Meridian has begun.  With less than two more weeks, the entire community are excited.

Denelle Dixon expressed that she is pretty excited about the amazing guests from across the world who will be talking about things that are so important when it comes to financial inclusion.  They are also going to talk about all of the issues surrounding blockchain.

How Innovation can drive social and economic change? How True financial inclusion promotes economic development and growth and on how it impacts all of the society? Several other topics like the power of the policy and governance when it comes to international collaboration and solutions are to be explored.

Denelle expressed that exploring the influence of policies and governance is crucial to get right when it comes to exploring blockchain. Ultimately, building ecosystems and connections will be explored.  A lot of other exciting topics are getting explored in the event.

Stellar tweeted:  “Throughout this week, we’ll be sharing new sessions and speakers in this thread. Keep an eye out!”

In this regard, excited about the mine of blockchain information set to come, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Waiting to Explore the pretty cool Swags that Stellar Lumens (XLM) are set to offer during the Meridian 2020.  Looking forward to all the fun networking.”

On the technical side, Jon Jove, Senior Software Engineer at Stellar Development Foundation will be sharing the exciting features launched in Protocol 15 and beyond.

Howard Chen, Senior Software Engineer at Stellar Development Foundation will be discussing Vibrant, which is a Stellar Wallet and dollar savings app providing a good use case.

Stellar have been striving hard to erase inequality in the financial system where there are already 1.7 billion adults who are unbanked in different countries from across the globe. If Stellar is able to provide for inclusivity while being a non-profit it will be on the top of the ranking ladder.  Being 100% non-profit is not practical though.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Making Crypto Viable and Easy

Stellar developers continually create solutions that will make crypto a viable and easy payment option for the merchants by way of their seamless APIs. Anchors contribute to interoperability and they are ever-evolving since the inception of Stellar.

Stellar are keeping their arms wide open to engage experienced, hands-on engineers who can contribute best designs to build and implement solutions for the Stellar Ecosystem partners.

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