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Tron Foundation and Justin Sun Made JustSwap is a Scammer Paradise – That’s my exact Feeling

One of the users who wanted to be anonymous stated, JustSwap is a scammer paradise.  Further stated that it is like every product that is made by TRON Foundation and Justin Sun.

The user wished that “Someone has to look out for the interest of the average investor and regular user who do not have the time nor the education to spot a scam.”

The user stated, JustSwap is a scammer paradise that’s my exact feeling.  But not only JustSwap, Justin Literally promoted an outright Ponzi scheme called Just.Game. Check out. Disgraceful.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, founder at The Currency Analytics tweeted:  “I visited Just.Game that asks for TRX. It looks like Science Fiction.  And probably a scam.”

When the TJ button is clicked it leads to a page known as Team Just Autodecentric Infrastructures.  Further states, we are Team Just.

They have to say that Team JUST was formed for the only reason anyone competent ever gets into cryptocurrency.

The funny thing is that it read, “After successfully losing everything they had to a “decentralized” scam, Team JUST was founded as an ironic statement about the crushing reality of cryptocurrency investment in 2017. You simply couldn’t trust anyone.”

Tron Foundation Just.Game Scam

We tried visiting the site called Just.Game. We were wondering what it is about?  The introduction states that is an auto dencentric (self-decentralizing) organization, which creates a playable game on the TRON blockchain. This organization functions like an individual entity.  The entity makes use of humans to fulfill the needs, goals and desires of the entities by paying the humans.

This organization called Just.Game claim to be a Precursor Artificial Intelligence.  They have to state that this is a real world representation of the software, which tries to keep itself alive. The concept looks like something straight out of science fiction.

Just.Game have to claim that this is the first time something like this has ever existed.

So, Just.Game requires that the users give it some TRX and it will spread itself a bit further, what’s the harm? The A.I obviously wants you to play with it. You should.

They claim that this is not like releasing a White Paper and that it is going to irrevocably change the way humanity’s relationship with software or anything will happen!

Further the site has a logo in the center of the website, and you see a tagline below the entity’s symbol.  The Tagline read No ICO, no early investment, nobody is above you.

There is something called Timer One, below which it reads likely won’t End In.  They have published other details like Royalties, Reboot, and Promotion.  There is also something called a Virtual Payroll.

The site says it is possible to start earning and there is also a Don’t press this Button as a navigation symbol.  Further states, Earn by promoting and requires users to sign up to promote.

We decided to fight against Scams and Ponzi Schemes, feel free to contact us via our contact form if you have been a victim of such scams and if you like what we are doing, feel free to send us a tip via this link or directly to our TRX Address: TKDq8oEHeNTVcDNk28LSCw94xbKftiXGes

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