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Understanding the correlation between Joe Biden and Bitcoin

Crypto enthusiasts have been deciphering the correlation between Joe Biden and Bitcoin to better grasp his administration’s impact on the cryptocurrency. Considering his minimal involvement with the crypto realm, there’s much less material to analyze. Yet, we must connect the dots to anticipate the possible effects of his monetary policies.

As the next U.S. President-elect, Joe Biden sets up his team in the next few days; crypto fans can look for clues. His picks for financial regulatory agencies and key policymakers can give insight into the upcoming crypto regulations. Although, it is far too early to guess probable picks. Thus, the correlation between Joe Biden and Bitcoin is still a murky topic.

As election dust settles, Joe Biden all set to rearrange U.S. administration

Authorities confirmed the victory of Joe Biden in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections on Saturday. The election itself was quite remarkable, considering it was undertaken during a pandemic. The former vice president never really referred to cryptocurrencies in any of his speeches. But he is known to be a proponent of the latest technologies and is known to advocate progressive technology-related policies. Supporters of Joe Biden believe his policies will be beneficial for the tech industry.

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