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Will the US Push to Ban Bitcoin? BTC Bull Anthony Pompliano Outlines Risks Facing Leading Cryptocurrency

Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and outspoken Bitcoin bull, is addressing the possibility of the US government cracking down on Bitcoin and how exactly it could play out.

In an interview with Dave Lee, Pompliano says that if all governments digitize their currencies, it would in turn accelerate the adoption and normalization of digital wallets and put digital currencies on the same playing field as cryptocurrencies.

Pompliano says that after everyone becomes comfortable with digital wallets, they will likely move towards Bitcoin (BTC) and the idea of “hard money,” tempting governments to ban Bitcoin.

“When that occurs, I think that governments are going to go through an exercise. They have two options: they can either do nothing and basically not try to ban it or they could try to embrace it, or they could try to ban it. The countries that choose to clamp down are the ones that are going to suffer the most because the one thing that Bitcoin has at its core is the advantage that it’s fully decentralized.” 

However, Pompliano says that because of the geopolitical chessboard, the US will see that banning Bitcoin won’t come with many benefits.

“So let’s say the US literally said ‘We’re going to ban ownership… and if you own Bitcoin then we’re going to put you in jail…’

I think what you would see immediately is other global superpowers immediately embrace and adopt Bitcoin because it is their opportunity to get off the dollar standard. They want off the dollar, right? Russia and Putin have talked about this. China has talked about this. Many countries think it’s expensive. It is dangerous. You can be sanctioned.

All the things that the US uses as an advantage by weaponizing the dollar globally, that’s been great because they control the dollar and they’ve got a really big military, the most powerful military in the world. When we get into a world where all of a sudden, the US openly states, ‘We are going to ban ownership of something.’ And these other countries have full accessibility to it, I think there’s this game of they’re going to go [and] try to do it. And for that reason, I actually think the US will never ban it. I think the US is not naive.”



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