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Connection between XRP Ledger and 1984 Apple Game Rescue Raiders What is It?

On a lighter tone, David Schwartz tried to communicate with the community and have them respond.

David Schwartz recently tweeted:  There is a connection between the XRP Ledger and the 1984 Apple ][ game Rescue Raiders. What is it?

There were a Myriad of answers.  The most sarcastic of them read, “Nobody Users them Anymore!”

Other responses were like don’t loose faith; I haven’t a clue; Does it go to the moon; Under the Radar; B Arthur britto made both; Both are unregulated; oh well, at least we went from a two-dimensional side-scrolling playfield to a multi-dimensional level playing field (i.e. the ledger); Both underrated and ahead of their time; and someone tried to be really meticulous asking, “The real question inside your question is what is ][ ?”

Some of them stated, Arthur Britto made both. And some, It worth $0.25?

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “There is no moon for either Ripple (XRP) or the 1984 Apple Game Rescue Raiders for whatever reason. David Schwartz was probably coming to tell something.”

Ripple (XRP) Positive Sentiment Fintech Influence

The third annual Blockchain in Payments report had something positive to say about the role of blockchain and the Fintech industry’s influence in payments.

The report clearly conveys a positive sentiment that growth is possible for the blockchain and digital asset initiatives. They point to 82 to 94% familiarity with cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology in five global regions like North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

The report has to state that the blockchain payment solutions are scaling; how digital assets are increasingly being considered for facilitating payments particularly when they are paired with blockchain technology, and on how innovators in the Industry are realizing the significant growth despite the COVID-19.

Improved Adoption of Ripple XRP in Domestic and Cross Border Payments

A lot of them are still concerned about volatility and about 67% of them believe that cryptocurrency are not reliable.  However, all of these did not prevent growth. Ripple’s strength is speed in domestic and cross border payments.

The decrease in cash usage, availability of liquidity, hygienic transaction features, speed and security have made blockchain very popular for domestic payments.

Payment service providers do believe that there is a unique value created when using digital assets or blockchain technologies. Also, the use cases are improving and reportedly cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are not any longer exotic.

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