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Joseph Lubin Calls for Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 Validators to have Enough Deposits by November 24, 2020

If enough deposits are gained by November 24, 2020, Ethereum Proof of Stake might launch on December 01, 2020. This can mean history in the making if all goes well.

Some of the community members were skeptical on whether they will be able to achieve sufficient deposits by November 24, 2020.  This means that with an average of ~400 new validators a day, more of 38 or so will be needed to achieve 16,384 and this can talk as long as Mid December.

However, it is surprising that many of them have gone all in while there is so much time left.  Some users are wondering if there is a very good reason to go in late.

Happy and optimistic ones are expecting the price of ETH to rocket up very soon.  Beginners are trying to learn about how they can buy ETH2.

Concerns like will there always be an opportunity to convert POW ETH to ETH2.0 long term (i.e. years) into the future, or will the window close at some point leaving us stuck with POW ETH continues to dwell in the community.

Tweeting about it Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert wrote, “Eagerly waiting to see the genesis event of ETH 2.0 that is expected to happen in the next few weeks.  Waiting to see the reality of Ethereum 2.0’s multiple blockchain design.”

Finally, the community are hopeful that the gas price might become cheaper. FOMO is surely catching up.  Though ETH bull market is not visible, the Alt coin bull market is expected to start.

Joseph Lubin Calling Out to Ethereum Validators

Joseph Lubin recently tweeted:  “Today is a definitive step in reaching the genesis block on Ethereum 2.0. In order to participate as a validator, you can check to see if you have the necessary hardware requirements, technical expertise, and follow instructions using the Launchpad.”

Joseph Lubin recalled how at the heart of the ETH 2.0 efforts a full industrial strength Ethereum 2.0 client got built to meet with the institutional needs and security requirements.

He also pointed to how ConsenSys Codefi are set to support more individuals who want to stake on Eth2.

For those who are new, and trying to wrap heads around Ethereum 2.0, proof-of-stake, various phases and new terminology, he pointed to how Ethereum 2.0 Knowledge Base has great resources which can be of help.

They have added a page to verify that users are using the correct deposit contract address. Thus helping to ensure they are checking the details against credible sources, like ethereum etherscan and ethhub before deploying the validators.

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