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CBInsights: Ripple is the fourth most valuable fintech company worldwide

  • According to a new investment report, Ripple is the fourth most valuable fintech company in the world, ahead of Coinbase and Robinhood.
  • The coronavirus has increased e-commerce and with it the use of payment solutions such as Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity.

Ripple provides payment solutions for companies in order to be able to offer cross-border transactions quickly at low costs. Here, the company focuses not only on large financial giants but recently changed to to SMEs in microtransactions the focus assist . According to a new report, Ripple is one of the most valuable fintech companies worldwide due to its services and orientation.

Ripple ranks 4th among the most valuable fintechs worldwide

According to a new report from CBInsights, Ripple ranks fourth on a list of fintech companies, each worth more than $ 1 billion. Ripple has a $ 10 billion company valuation, behind Paytm One97 ($ 36 billion), Stripe ($ 39.4 billion) and Lufax ($ 16 billion). The following diagram shows all assessed companies in detail as well as their headquarters in detail.


Other well-known industry heavyweights include Coinbase ($ 8 billion), Robinhood ($ 7.6 billion), Toast ($ 4.9 billion) and Circle ($ 3.5 billion). Ripple was last year in a round of financing more than $ 200 million to collect in order to expand further expansion and adaptation of its services.

Ripple also invested more than $ 50 million in remittance giant MoneyGram, buying more than 10% of all common shares in the process. MoneyGram uses RippleNet, among other things, so that Ripple drives the further adaptation and use of XRP through this partner. Ripple could continue worldwide to more than 500 employees to grow and is one of the RippleNet more than 300 partners.

Due to the unfavorable location conditions in the United States of America, Ripple is currently considering moving its headquarters to London , as XRP is clearly classified there as a commodity and not as a security. Most recently, Ripple opened a branch in Dubai, as the regulatory framework there is well suited to promote further presence in this area and in Asia.

The company generates a large part of its income from sales through XRP to institutional investors. In 2017, Ripple committed to freezing 55 billion XRP in an escrow account and releasing one billion XRP per month for sale. According to the third quarterly report of the sale of XRP and the ODL transaction volume of more than 100% is the world increased .

In an interview with the Financial Times, CEO Brad Garlinghouse stated that XRP is part of the company’s cash flow, but there are numerous other sources of income:

Well, XRP is a source. I don’t know how to answer that because if you took our software revenue away from us we would be less profitable. If you took all of our XRP away from us, we would be less profitable. So I don’t see it as a thing …

We would not be profitable nor would we have positive cash flow [without selling XRP], I think I said that before. We have it now.

Coronavirus drives adaptation

The report goes on to say that the corona pandemic has decisively advanced the adaptation of the e-commerce market and thus also the acceptance and spread of new technologies such as blockchain . John Collison, co-founder of Stripe, describes that there has been an enormous growth from the offline to the online economy. The following diagram shows this development in detail.


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