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Ethereum (ETH) Developers Can Now Get a Super Quick Grip and Direction in Coding

New developers on Ethereum need lot of help.  Technical information about Ethereum being scattered and fragmented perplexes new developers who have to do the job of connecting the dots by taking help from the wall of links.

Not all developers are English speaking.  Many speak different languages.  Content that is rich in context is important for developers.  New developers feel like they are climbing uphill when they are developing in the Ethereum Network.  Developers had to content with Medium articles, get help from outdated technical threads, search hard through crypto tweets for something useful – before Ethereum developers can get a grip of what they are going to do it can get very difficult.

Repository is where several data can be stored.  An “updatable repository for developer content” is now getting organized.  This will help users to learn more about Ethereum under the hood, experiment with code, and also to understand the tech stack of dapps.

Pointing to the detail, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Ethereum (ETH) Community is now diving in to create excellent docs which will be useful for developers for the Ethereum Developer Portal. Translators are helping to education Ethereum globally.”

Anyone can help grow the repository like sharing wisdom, submitting tutorials, review content and PRs, provide feedback, organizing ideas and connecting more friends. Lot of discussions are happening over Twitter and Discord in this regard. Where possible, contributors are getting rewarded.

Ethereum (ETH) Community Tutorials

Ethereum developers now feel a bit comfortable to build on the Web3 stack by taking help from the background documents.  There is a lot that new developers will be able to gain grip of from community tutorials.

The repository is in its early days.  With contributions from fine people, the portal will go very far with time in knowledge.  Base level documentations are taking place in priority.  They are also working on a series of improvements.

Proper categorization of the projects are taking place.  They are listing and adding more of filtering options to help choose the right tool easily. Content is created to provide for a more guided learning experience, specifically for absolute beginners.  The documents are getting enriched with helpful diagrams and videos.  They are looking for more contributors to help make the docs as helpful as possible.

With time, they are going to include lot of other features.  They are planning to include several rewards and incentives for contributors. Currently, lot of help is required for development network, indexing and querying, compiling smart contracts, running their own node, provide smart contract upgradeability, deploy smart contracts, and more of tasks.

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