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Number of Bitcoin Wallets with 10,000+ BTC Hits 2020 High, Showing Whales’ Confidence: Santiment

Santiment data agency has provided confirmation of cryptocurrency whales showing confidence in their Bitcoin stashes, while Roger Ver slams BTC in favor of Bitcoin Cash.

Analytics agency Santiment has shared data that shows cryptocurrency whales are still confident in their digital assets—and in Bitcoin in particular.

Meanwhile, former “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver takes another quiet stab at Bitcoin, trolling its “digital gold” title.

Number of addresses with 10,000+ BTC hits a yearly high

Santiment analytics provider is certain that holders of large Bitcoin amounts, better known as whales, remain confident in their digital assets.

According to the chart shared by the analytics firm, the number of wallets containing at least 10,000 BTC ($159,329,000 at the current BTC rate of $15,862 per coin), has hit a 2020 high of 111.

Besides, wallets that contain 1,000-9,999 BTC at the moment are slightly under the all-time high of 2,135.


Image via Twitter

Bitcoin taps $16,000 on Gemini

As reported by U.Today on Nov. 11, the world’s largest digital currency reached the $16,000 level recently after several previous failed attempts.

However, soon after that, Bitcoin rolled back. At press time, BTC is changing hands at $15,862.

Roger Ver slams Bitcoin against BCH

One of Bitcoin’s earliest adopters and supporters—called “Bitcoin Jesus” because many people “defected” to the BTC hard fork, Bitcoin Cash, at his behest in 2017—has taken to Twitter to take another quiet jab at Bitcoin.

Ver tweeted that peer-to-peer electronic cash is much more useful to the world than simply digital gold.

Roger Ver believes that Bitcoin no longer follows its original target of being peer-to-peer digital cash, as creator Satoshi Nakamoto described it in the Bitcoin whitepaper back in 2008, and has turned into another investment asset class now often referred to as “digital gold.”

Therefore, Ver began supporting and promoting Bitcoin Cash, which he believes to be the real peer-to-peer currency that the world desperately needs.

Peer to peer electronic cash helps the world more than digital gold.

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