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Akon’s AKN Token 20% Below Listing Price on Bittrex With Negligible Volume

Akoin (AKN), the cryptocurrency that will be the underlying currency of Akon’s futuristic city in Africa, has been added for trading on the popular exchange Bittrex.

  • The famous hip hop artist Akon has announced that the digital asset Akoin has been listed on Bittrex, and trading has started earlier this week. 
  • Akon and Akoin’s co-founder and president Jon Karas called the addition a “major milestone” in a recent livestream.
  • The rapper believes that more exchange will follow the example set by Bittrex soon. He noted that Akoin aims to revolutionize the global payment network and especially in underdeveloped countries in Africa. 
  • During the appearance, he outlined how he came up with the idea of creating his own cryptocurrency. A few years back, he had to convert several different fiat currencies while traveling from the US through Europe to Africa. Apart from noticing this inconvenience for frequent travelers, he founded out that the Senegal native currency had no value outside the country. 
  • At the same time, cryptocurrencies were booming, and after being introduced to the concept, he decided that “that’s it, that’s the solution that we need here.”
  • Akoin is planned to power Akon City – a futuristic city described as the “real-life Wakanda.” Apart from being the first city with a cryptocurrency as an underlying currency, it will also be entirely run on renewable energy.
  • Recent reports indicated that construction will begin in early 2021. Some of the most optimistic features include a seaside resort, a tech hub, recording studios, and a film zone called Senewood. If successful, Akon hinted that he could franchise the concept to other African countries.  
  • At the time of this writing, the token is trading at around 0.00000939 BTC, down 20% from its opening price. The 24-hour volume is only around 17 BTC.

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