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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) November 15, 2020 Upgrade Confusing the Whole Lot Watching Them

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Moving forward Bitcoin ABC team will not manage Domain.  The ABC team are going to focus on continuing to provide reliable and thoroughly-tested Bitcoin Cash node software while letting others oversee the domain and associated assets.

Of note the domain was many times referred to as the official website for Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin ABC have reasoned out on why they are transferring the domain name.  They pointed to how they have helped build the way back in 2017.  Ever since, they have managed the entire website to ensure that users and businesses will be able to have access to the information, which they require.

Apart from the general website optimization and maintenance, the work of the ABC team consisted for included a recent refresh of the homepage and also providing support on the helpdesk further growing the brand’s Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter channels.

Moving forward, they have to state that they will continue to maintain reliable Bitcoin ABC node software for their businesses in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Bitcoin ABC stated that if the November 15 network upgrade results will lead to a viable chain split, that they will continue to maintain node implementations for both the chains.  They stated that they will also work to build value on the chain with the new coinbase rule. They stated that they felt that it was an appropriate time for them to transfer the to a new owner.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Bitcoin Cash (BCH) does not seem to be fully cutting off from Bitcoin ABC, it is just the domain management that is getting transferred.”

Bitcoin ABC in the past tweeted:  “Bitcoin ABC will support both BCHA and BCHN after the BCH chain split. Businesses have the freedom to choose between the two chains, while still being able to run battle-tested Bitcoin ABC software.”

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin ABC Confused

Some of the users are very confused and they are not able to understand what is happening around them.

When someone asked if Bitcoin Cash will be distributed to owners ABC, the reply was that after the chain split, BCH owners will receive both BCHA and BCHN. For every 1 BCH you own before the upgrade, you will own 1 BCHA and 1 BCHN after the upgrade.

Lot of questions have risen in this regard and the most notable are:

1. Given ABC’s lack of funding and explanation that you are able to maintainance but nothing more for your full node, how do you rationalize maintaining two versions of your software?

2. Will you update the website with new information on what the compatible upgrade software is, or will you continue to state that only the IFP version is the legitimate and real BCH?

3. You have had significant impact on some speculators choices on the future markets. For those who showed loyalty and traded their coins for your IFP fork, how do you rationalize spending funds on building and maintaining a software for a direct competitor?

Some people are wondering as to why any miner would choose to switch from ABC > BCHN at this point before the fork. It seems like risk of changing implementations doesn’t equal the reward of making a statement when the outcome of each chain is the same for the miners.

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