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Dash Cryptocurrency Good News For Traders Price up by 10% Due to Fast Pass for Traders on Blockchain

Dash price went up by 10% yesterday recently.  This is due to the strong and renewed interest from professional investors because of the Dash Fast Pass for traders and Dash Platform, which is currently transforming the P2P network into a decentralized cloud which developers will be able to build to further integrate applications.

Dash tweeted:  “Dash Core v0.16.1.0 has been released.  This is a new minor version release, bringing various bug fixes and improvements.”

Dash Platform will be now enabling their developers to build decentralized apps and payment solutions which are completely secure and uncensorable.  This they will be able to do without having to learn any kind of complicated blockchain programming languages.

For those who do not understand the Fast Pass for traders, The Dash Fast Pass Network is an ecosystem of partners.  Here users will be able to make near instant deposits, transactions, and withdrawals, thus providing an edge in trading and a greatly enhanced user experience with unparalleled speed and security.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Fast Pass Network has led to several popular YouTube channels talking about Dash and obviously the price is going to go up. It is expected that the price of Dash will touch new heights.”

Dash Cryptocurrency Fast Pass Trading Contest

There is a Dash Fast Pass Trading Contest getting organized with Quadency.  Participants will be able to win over 7000 dollars in prizes.

Those who Trade Dash will find the deal really cool.  Traders can trade Dash pairs on FastPass exchanges Liquid_Global, kucoincom, hitbtc, and CoinbasePro.

Quadency recently partnered with the Dash FastPass Network.  This is a new industry initiative to empower traders from all over the world. In order to celebrate this partnership, they have teamed up with their friends at Quadency to bring about their biggest trading contest to date with more than $7,000 in prizes.

Each trader will be having nearly 20 days to reach the highest trading volume, which they can to claim their share of the prize pool.  The prize pool is split for the Top 20 traders between direct payouts in Dash and Quadency Unlimited subscription credits ($99/mo).

To get started users should connect the exchange accounts and get Quadency Pro for Free.  The competition starts there and from there the users should begin trading.  To earn the edge, by claiming Top 10 prizes users should reach at least $5,000 in Dash trading volume with Quadency’s market making bots.

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