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Ripple (XRP) Fighting Lack of Level Playing Field Regulatory Uncertainty One Hand Tied Behind Back

Brad Garlinghouse recently discussed about how Ripple are fighting with one hand tied behind their back. In a recent conversation with “The Scoop” Brad Garlinghouse gave a lot of clarifications.

Garlinghouse took to discuss a lot of things from why big banks aren’t partnering with Ripple, but smaller banks are interested.  He pointed to how regulatory clarity has benefited only Bitcoin, but not other digital assets.  He took to discussing why the lack of clarity impedes the growth of Ripple.

Brad expressed very clearly on why Ripple is currently not planning a blockchain initial public offering (IPO).  How Central Banks are looking into XRP-based ledgers is an important data.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “It is true that Ripple (XRP) despite the lack of a level playing field or the kind regulatory clarity they wished  have done a great job in 2020, particularly during the 2020.“

Brad Garlinghouse pointed to how Ripple exceeded his expectations for year 2020. He further stated, “We are not going to grow as fast this year as we thought. However, we are still getting two production financial contracts a week.”

Particularly in terms of their regrets over regulatory clarity, Ripple have been ridiculed over why they are not moving their base as opposed to waiting and losing everything.  However, it just looks like they are here to ensure and keep their foot stable in the US. They seem to like the idea of being a US company.

One of the Ripple users tweeted:  “Brad, trust me just leave the US. They are in zero rush and the dinosaurs in congress do not understand the importance of the technology. Move to a country that isn’t afraid of innovation.”

Investors are continuing to be concerned about the forecast for XRP Ripple. While many feel that the people in the government are like the dinosaurs not trying to understand anything, it is not so.  Some feel, it is all a game and that the US knows exactly what is going on.

Ripple (XRP) Onlooker Opinion

When onlookers try to judge Ripple, they have to say that Ripple only jumped the gun as they are futurists, in a good way.  It is possible and easy to forget how slowly both the corporate and government machines can run.  It is important to appreciate the importance of cross border payments with low cost and we can all appreciate Ripple’s vision to become a reality.

Investors are waiting for the price to go high.  Ripple waiting for regulatory clarity. Onlookers are full of belief.


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