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ChainLink Made Selling Data and APIs across Different Blockchain Easier Than Ever

Sergey Nazarov recently reinstated on how it is easy to sell data and API easily across block chains.  When the selling of API happens, there is no need to make any kind of infrastructure changes.  Signed data can be sold directly to smart contracts on several block chains through one’s own official Chainlink.

API is an Application Program Interface, which consists of a set of programming-based instructions and standards, which are about accessing web-based software application of a web based tool. APIs are important because they help two applications to talk to each other. APIs transfer the request and the response between the interacting parties.

Data are facts and statistics, which are collected together for reference and analysis.  Data can be unique to a particular field.  Streamlined data are used by smart contract and app developers to deliver the kind of services they are trying to provide with Apps ad data.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Data is huge.  Providing Structured and usable data that is accurate is crucial for any industry and ChainLink (LINK) are doing just that.”

Building high value applications that are reliable is possible only with reliable data.  Web Developers have been making efficient use of Oracles from ChainLink. ChainLink oracles are wonderful and that is the reason behind why more of integrations are happening literally every day.

ChainLink (LINK) Launching New Price Feeds

Chainlink (LINK) continue to launch new price feeds on a periodic basis.  The refreshed and up to date nature of data helps DeFi developers to expand and improve on their support for different types of collaterals and asset types.

Very recently ChainLink have released ETC/USD price feeds to improve on their derivatives offering.

Several exceptional projects are beginning to make use of ChainLink. Several developers are increasingly choosing to build with Chainlink.

Whether about using external weather data, crop insurance solutions, price movement of oil, or anything the data facilitated by ChainLink is of premium quality.

ChainLink are progressing at a pace to bring in almost every kind of data on-chain.  They are evolving to be the largest data market place.  Very soon, oracles are set to be the dominant form of digital agreement.

Oracles are huge and what they can achieve is very expansive.  They are helping accelerate the overall mainstream adoption.  Their research always happens on a fair transaction ordering.

Zk Proofs with HTTPs and TLS make very clear about where every kind of data they put is coming from. And, all this while they maintain their privacy.


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