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VeChain (VET), Blue Bite Join Forces to Make Blockchain Adoption Easier

VeChain (VET),

and Blue Bite have forged an alliance aimed at making it easier for enterprises to integrate distributed ledger technology (DLT) into their operations. Blue Bite says it has created a user-friendly interface that enables enterprises to easily use the VeChai Toolchain, according to a blog post on November 11, 2020.

Making Blockchain Integration More Seamless 

In a bid to make it easier for enterprises to integrate blockchain technology into their processes, Blue Bite, a firm that claims to transform products into digital platforms that fosters consumer engagement, has joined forces with VeChain.

As stated in a blog post, Blue Bite has created a user-friendly interface that allows enterprises to take advantage of VeChain’s cutting-edge blockchain solutions for their everyday processes such as product lifecycle management, supply chain process control, data certification, and more.

Specifically, Blue Bite has made it clear that its easy-to-use interface transforms products into digital platforms via NFC tags which can be scanned by consumers with their smartphones when they want to access vital info concerning the product.

Blue Bite wrote:

“With VeChain as the underlying infrastructure, Blue Bite becomes the simple-to-use interface for brands, consumers and other invested parties to access the secure ledger created by blockchain at any step along the way. The digital platform becomes even more powerful when it also serves to connect to the blockchain. Any party that needs to access information can easily do that by scanning the connecting technology. The secure infrastructure of blockchain has never been so seamlessly accessible.”

VeChain Blazing the Trail 

Blue Bite hopes the combination of VeChain’s robust and highly functional solutions, plus its user-friendly interface will make it easier for brands to see the advantages of blockchain technology.

While there are numerous blockchain projects in existence, the VeChain team is among the very few putting in the hard work to create real-life use cases for DLT and its solutions have been gaining significant adoption.

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