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Bitcoin (BTC) Price will be 318,000 by 2021 Per CitiBank Report User says Crystal Ball shows 500K

BTC investors like to see the price go up and up and they like to hear seasoned investors predict is going higher and higher.  Whether it will go up is part 2.

While it is okay for anyone to predict anything, it is only when it becomes a reality rather than just a prediction can it really matter at all.

Tyler Winklevoss tweeted:  “CitiBank report predicts Bitcoin price of 318K by December 2021. Buckle up!”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “No matter who says what, common sense should dictate if at all it is practical for Bitcoin to touch 318,000 by 2021. Winklevoss is simply flashing proof for his wishes.”`

One of the crypto investors on a lighter tone stated, “CitiBank doesn’t know nothing about Bitcoin because I’m seeing 500k in my crystal ball! “

Influence of Moderna on the Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price was trending at approximately $16, 717 at the time of writing.  BTC price has been trending in ranges.  Investors are keenly concerned on whether the Moderna Vaccine will affect the Bitcoin price?

For those who do not know what Moderna is about, they are the company trying to develop a CoVid-19 vaccine. The company has reported 94.5% success rate for the vaccine. Investors are becoming increasingly curious about what is ahead in terms of BTC price Vs. Moderna.

Reportedly, the first news about the Covid-19 vaccine influenced the cryptocurrency market in a great way; however, the second news does not have seemed to have cast a similar influence.  If all goes well with the Moderna Vaccine, it is expected to influence the stock market.

Ray Dalio Expects a Limit to Bitcoin Price

Ray Dalio, Billionaire Hedge Fund legend opines that it is not possible for the price of BTC to keep going up and up just like many other people do.  He has to state that authorities will choose to clamp down cryptocurrencies when they see it is going up.

Ray Dalio stated, “I don’t think digital currencies will succeed in the way people hope they would.”

Governments Narrowing Down to BTC Accounts

It is important to recollect that Barack Obama in the past pointed to Bitcoin as a Swiss bank account. For those who do not understand the importance of Swiss Bank accounts, it is an account with low levels of financial risk and high levels of privacy.

The Swiss Law prevents the bank from disclosing any information about the account.  However, when criminal activity is suspected in exceptional cases they do disclose.

Governments might choose to take the route of criminal action and other reasons to find a way to penetrate BTC accounts.

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