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Cardano Seamlessly Glides Into Epoch 230 – Community Takes On 56% Of Block Production

IOHK dropped an important announcement on Twitter a few hours ago.

Check it out below.

Someone said: “So impressive and being achieved with such little fanfare – just BAU, and it speaks absolute volumes for the project. Gold standard – going for number 1.”

Another follower said: “Bring it on! The #stakepools are doing a great job across the board…”

Cardano’s ADA to be listed on Coinbase

Also, ADA is predicted to see a Coinbase listing in 2021.

Check out a significant tweet below:

Someone commented: “I don’t let this influence the price of Cardano right away anyway; however, I think for more adoption, it will be excellent and thus push that price up!”

One other follower said: “What they announced was them being a custodian of IOGs Cardano. The actual listing of the coin for public purchase was not announced for Q4.”

Someone else posted this: “Staking with coinbase custody was already announced for Q4 this year so a coinbase listing would make a lot of sense.”

Cardano in the news

In other news, the Cardano community is excited thanks to all the developments that are taking place with the project.

Another issue worth mentioning is that Frederik Gregaard recently said that those banks are interested in holding ADA rather than BTC.

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