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Uncle Da Hongfei Inspires NEO Smart Economy Blockchain Community Members

The goal of NEO is absolutely about creating a “Smart Economy.”  They are looking to achieve this by combining digital assets, digital identity and smart contracts.  Since NEO is written in a computer languages that most of them know it is easy for developers to orient to developing on the NEO blockchain. NEO can be exchanged easily with other cryptocurrencies; however, not as much with other fiat.

Very important to remember that NEO can be converted to BTC, ETH and LTC with the important challenge being to convert NEO to Fiat.

The Neo Blockchain Toolkit is all set to raise the bar to lead the blockchain industry with support for Test-Driven Smart Contract Development.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “NEO are about being the gateway to the smart economy by combining digital asset, digital identity and smart contract to create smart economy.”

Physical assets can be converted to digital assets on the NEO Network.  The important thing to be done is to link them together legally with a legit digital identity.  The work of the smart contracts to help in the communication of the parties transacting on the blockchain.

When talking about NEO Smart Economy, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “I recollect Da Hongfei stating in the past that new blockchain applications will go from marginal, to alternative, and eventually to mainstream. It is happening progressively.”

NEO Smart Economy and FLM Coin 

Some of the community members who were interested in what NEO Smart Economy are currently doing stated, everything I want to hear Uncle Da. Keep your great work, we believe in you!

Attracting the community faith is crucial when it comes to any leadership and Da Honfei is already successful at it.  The community are expecting 3.0 very soon.  They feel that they have had a good start and that they are going to go miles with time.

The community members are educating themselves towards amazing progress. However, there are critics who have expressed that if more trust should be established the price of FLM coin should be fixed.

The community feel that they need to have more update on the FLM coin and on the progress. This they feel is crucial if the investors should be able to take a decision to write off their losses or keep in some hopes.  For all reasons, it is too early to call anything a failure.  They are doing their best.

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