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Stellar Lumens (XLM) Meridian 2020 Brainstorming for the Good of Entire Blockchain Industry

At Stellar Lumens they test heavily.  They in fact spend a lot of time testing the changes that are made to the code than the time spent in actually writing the code.

Job Jove, Senior Software Engineer, Stellar Development foundation in response to how long does a feature take to implement stated that since there are lot of possibilities they wanted to be sure that they are not leaving anything unhandled.  He further clarified that the security of Stellar Network is very important than coming up with a cool feature.

Howard Chen, Senior Software Engineer states that user experience is a top priority for Vibrant and that they are always focused on providing the best user experience.  To make this possible, he states that they ensure that the users are able to use the Vibrant app, the sooner they have the digital tokens in their hand.

Meridian 2020 are doing a great job by tabling experts from the blockchain industry to bring about the strengths and importance of the blockchain.

Meridian 2020 points to how these systems are getting built for the sake of being systems.  Every app has a purpose and each one of them are about creating the most needed inclusion for the category of industry that it is looking to serve.

Empowering marginalized populations has been the vision of Stellar Lumens from the very beginning.  It is important to promote a technology that makes this possible by promoting economic growth contributing to sustainable development.

When talking about Meridian 2020, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Stellar Lumens (XLM) organized Meridian 2020 are set to discuss almost everything under the sun that is considered to be important for the blockchain industry.”

Some of the best minds in the finances and blockchain industry are set to discuss interoperability, adoption, liquidity and market making, privacy and security, cross-border payments, and asset issuance.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Community Alert and Snippet News

Claimable Balances:  Stellar Protocol 15 is making the vision of money moving like an email a reality by making it easy to transfer assets to an account without a trust line.  Claimable balances is the new concept in the Stellar Ecosystem that the community members are trying to understand.

XLM Price: It is not yet time to discuss anything worthy about XLM price.  We need to see the post Meridian performance of Stellar Lumens in terms of new projects which can lead to a break through innovation from the ideas given by the experts!

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