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What Do We Say to People Telling us Not to Buy Bitcoin? Not Today: Arya Stark Actress on Board

Bitcoin has a new hodler from the celebrities’ world – Maisie Williams. Or as die-hard fans of Game of Thrones know her – Arya Stark.

Despite receiving nearly 500,000 answers telling her not to “go long on Bitcoin,” the actress portraying Arya Stark in the legendary Game of Thrones TV series, Maisie Williams, has gone against their advice and actually purchased bitcoins.

Williams Defies The Critics And Buys Bitcoin

As reported yesterday, the 23-year old actress took it to Twitter to ask her nearly 3 million followers whether or not she should “go long on Bitcoin.”

The community didn’t disappoint, and over 900,000 people voted. Tesla’s Elon Musk was among the first to offer his a bit confusing opinion. As expected, though, many cryptocurrency representatives, including Justin Sun, Barry Silbert, and Mike Novogratz, told her to purchase BTC.

However, the naysayers ultimately prevailed, despite the best efforts from the community. 53.4% of all 902,304 votes told her not to go long on Bitcoin.

After the poll ended, Williams offered an update and thanked all participants for their advice. Nevertheless, she didn’t follow the majority and actually said that “I bought some anyway.”

The primary cryptocurrency decided to welcome her by showcasing some of its volatility. In the past several hours alone, BTC skyrocketed to a new yearly high of $18,500 before dumping over $1,000 of its value to $17,400.

Maybe her role as Arya Stark has prepared her for similar events, or should we say bruises. As Stark said during one of her trainings – “a bruise is a lesson, and each lesson makes us better.”

The New Set Of Memes Arrive

As it happened with her initial question, the cryptocurrency community stayed true to itself and posted thousands of answers, including several compelling Game of Thrones-alike references and memes.

Some were more modest and simply welcomed her to the Bitcoin family. Others were more creative, including the popular crypto analyst and traded going by the Twitter handle Credible Crypto. He referred to an iconic part of the TV series and said, “a girl has no name, but a girl has bitcoin.”

The Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream, Samson Mow, used perhaps the best known Arya Stark reference and combined it with her Bitcoin purchase. He paraphrased the immortal line “what do we say to the God of Death? – Not today,” and turned it to – “what do we say to nocoiners? Not today. Bitcoin.”

A few community members speculated that the BTC purchase will prepare Williams for current and upcoming economic hurdles due to the global events prompted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Or, to put this with Game of Thrones words – financial winter is coming.

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