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Bitcoin Adoption Intensifies: $35 Billion Wealth Management Giant Exposes Clients To BTC

The mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and digital assets has been probably the main goals that the crypto space set.

There have been a lot of moves made in this direction even in 2020 when we’re in the middle of a global crisis, and it seems that the achievements continue.

It’s been just revealed that Mariner Wealth Advisors which is a registered investment advisory (RIA) with more than $35 billion assets under advisement, teams up with Eaglebrook Advisors to give clients access to Bitcoin.

Crypto investment company Eaglebrook said that Mariner Wealth makes this move in order to allow financial advisors to allocate BTC on behalf of clients who desire to include the king coin in their investment strategies.

Eaglebrook Advisors CEO Christopher King said the following:

“Our investment solution, designed to meet the unique needs of firms such as Mariner Wealth Advisors, makes it easy for their advisors to allocate to Bitcoin,” he said, quoted by The Daily Hodl.

He also explained: “We expect cryptocurrency adoption to continue and the market to mature, driving even greater demand.”

Check out the complete notes to see what more he had to say.

Interest in Bitcoin is on the rise

It’s important to note the fact that interest in Bitcoin among investment companies is on the rise these days.

The online publication mentioned above said that high-profile investors like legendary hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller and veteran investor Bill Miller also revealed that they’re on board.

Also, SkyBridge Capital, which manages $7.7 billion in assets, just revealed in a new SEC filing that they could also hop in the crypto wagon.

“Investment Funds may invest in digital assets without restriction as to market capitalization or technological features or attributes (including lesser-known or novel digital assets known as “altcoins”) and may invest in initial coin offerings, which have historically been subject to fraud.”

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red, and the coin is priced at 17,607.03.

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