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Cardano Reveals First Issue Of Community Developer Spotlight

Cardano keeps making headlines these days with all kinds of new achievement and exciting announcements that they are dropping almost on a daily basis.

Check out their latest announcement that the Cardano Foundation dropped on Twitter.

In the original notes, the team behind Cardano said the following:

“Each month, the Foundation will be selecting a couple of interesting community-led projects to discover and share with our wider ecosystem.”

They also said that “We hope this will encourage those who are already building solutions on Cardano to keep moving forward, while also helping to inspire those thinking of building on Cardano to get started and collaborate.”

We strongly recommend that you check out the complete notes in order to see all the juicy info there.

New change to impact stake pool operators and delegators

In other recent news, just the other day, we were revealing that the Cardano Foundation just released new important details about the future moves that the team behind the project plans to make.

“Our delegation methodology will be adjusted following changes to the k-parameter (coming Dec 6). This will impact our stake pool operators & delegators. Learn more about the upcoming changes here:,” they posted on Twitter.

The official blog post that is mentioned in the tweet above notes that “On 5 November 2020, IOHK outlined its plans 26 to change the k-parameter* starting from 6 December 2020 during epoch 234. As part of the continuing mission to fully decentralize the Cardano network, the k-parameter will be increased from k=150 to k=500.”

Regarding ADA,s price today, at the moment of writing this article, ADA is trading in the green, and the coin is priced at $0.104968.

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