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IOTA to record the exact amount of Irrigation in Agriculture with IOTaqua Green Use Case

Water is to be used judiciously in agriculture.  IOTA is now getting in to the process of helping use exactly the required amount of water by way of a water meter system. Mostly in irrigation, the amount of water used is estimated only based on the duration of irrigation.  The water meter from IOTA will help estimate the exact amount of water in real time.

IOTA Tweeted:  “The federal state of Hessen in Germany is testing a new water distribution system in agriculture, IOTAqua, which uses IOTA to enable the exact amount of irrigation to be recorded in real-time & shared with third-parties such as the local municipality.”

With precise documentation, IOTA makes it possible to provide for the different water requirements of different agricultural practices. Also, IOTA will also be able to provide for area related water consumption streamlining based on factors like climatic changes, changing water requirements etc.

Despite the complexity, Ralph Scheyer, LLH project manager, is satisfied with the level of development: “The greatest challenge is to ensure the legal security of the data while leaving the data sovereignty with the farmer. Since the data from the water meter is also used by the Irrigation Association for billing purposes or by the authorities to document the resources used, it must not be possible to change them. I think with the DLT data protocol IOTA we have found an interesting option to offer a decentralized data interface that can meet these criteria.”

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Every drop of water counts, whether for agriculture are consumption.  IOTaqua by IOTA is an excellent and green use case for IOTA.”

IOTA Distributed Ledger Technology

The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) which is used by IOTA, previously proved convincing in the “IOTAgrar” project.  This has created a decentralized data interface. Thus, the data which has been obtained gets connected to the GEObox-Viewer for visualization. The sooner the LoRa radio infrastructure gets set up, additional sensors get integrated into the system. This is a very important step towards complete documentation in the cultivation of sustainably produced foods.

The basis of the new water meter system is from the “Octave” ultrasonic water meter from Lorenz – “1000 Series” control valve from Nelson and the LoRa radio module from peerOS.

IOTA have stated that Economists predict that by 2030, robots will have assumed 20M jobs from humans.  Probably, backed by blockchain technology.

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