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Craig Wright’s 1.1 Billion Bitcoin Case Sees Another Delay

Lawsuits and court cases have become immensely common in the crypto-verse. However, Craig Wright and the Kleiman family have been at it for many years. The founder of Bitcoin SV and the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright has prolonged the 1.1. million Bitcoin case with the Kleiman. While the trial for the case was scheduled for January 2021, the court revealed that the trial was once again delayed.

Trial For Craig Wright’s Case Delayed Once Again

Not long ago, the United States District Court for Southern District of Florida dismissed Craig Wright’s plea for summary judgment and scheduled the case for trial to 4 January 2021. However, a recent court document pointed out that the trial for the Kleiman vs Craig Wright case was again pushed to 5 April 2021. This delay would further change the dates pertaining to objections and exhibits. The court order pointed out that 16 March 2021 was the last date for exhibit lists and objections.

Elaborating on recent delay and change in deadlines, the court order further read,

” […] the parties will use this additional time to continue work on a targeted joint presentation of the exhibits and objections, with the hope of reducing the number of disputes requiring judicial resolution. Using the proposed deadlines to make streamlined, focused decisions will conserve judicial and party resources and lead to a better, and better considered, presentation of each side’s position at trial.”

Furthermore, Wright recently filed a court document urging the court to eliminate any sort of judicial statements that question his credibility that was made earlier. Wright was discreetly citing the several comments made by Judge Reinhart in the past. These “judicial statements” included, “During his testimony, Dr. Wright’s demeanor did not impress me as someone who was telling the truth.”

Apart from this, Wright in the court document went on to propose that Ira and Dave Kleiman’s mere sibling relationship wasn’t enough to pass on the wealth. The Kleiman family slapped Wright with a lawsuit as he reportedly owed half of his BTC holdings to Dave Kleiman.

Wright has been swimming in troubled waters lately. The Bitcoin SV founder found himself in severe backlash after he claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto. This was followed by multiple attempts to get out of the lawsuit, with the latest one being his summary judgment plea.


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