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Ethereum (ETH) Privacy Concern From User and Economy Improving After ETH2 Planning

One of the Reddit community members pointed to how the ETH economy has changed a lot ever since the planning of eth2.  Several high yield plans are now available from ETH.

Also pointed to how there is no logical reason to have a minimum of 16,384 validators as a requirement to start the eth2 chain. Further clarified that people will buy in to something due to FOMO if there is a known financial reward which is greater than that which exists elsewhere.

Also, people will get upset due to opportunity cost losses if they are going to deposit ETH into a contract and if it does not produce any kind of return.  People will also not be happy if the date of earning rewards is unknown.

The reddit screen name Distant View also stated, “Is there a plan B if 16,384 validators are not reached by November 24? A simple plan B is to change the min_genesis_active_validator_count to whatever validator number is present on November 24 to allow eth2 to start on 1st December.”

Vitalik Points to GNU/Linux Kernels

Vitalik.eth retweeted:  There are interesting rumors that future versions of Microsoft Windows will be based on GNU/Linux kernel rather than a Windows kernel. It makes a lot of sense as home operating systems become less and less important in future.”

Afri Schoedon, Ethereum Goerli Testnet Evangelist pointed to how easy it becomes to run native Windows applications on GNU/Linux systems through Steam’s Proton libraries nowadays. Valve is a major vendor pushing for “Windows-backwards compatibility” in Linux systems to prevent OS lockouts.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Ethereum (ETH) is going to be a disruptor in the long run, there is no doubt about it.  Just to Kick Start!”

Ethereum Fees and Privacy

Someone who uses Ethereum weekly stated that he is in the ecosystem for its use case rather than it being an investment vehicle.

He pointed to how he gets paid every week in Dai by his employer for the work that he completes in a week.  The user also stated that Defi is an awesome way to earn interest without having to go back to centralized systems.

The one thing he was not happy about was that his employer can see all his funds that he had to pay upwards of $20 to wash money using Tornado cash Every Time, he also clarifies that Uniswap trades are below $5).

He however stated that he uses the regular banks to ensure privacy.  Also he stated that if it was not for the lack of privacy that he would have literally no reason to leave the ecosystem and that with PayPal payments coming soon, that he will no longer need to buy gift cards to buy from the non-crypto stores.

It’s disappointing that the focus with L2s is 500+ TPS. $0.77 fees for transactions aren’t even that much of an issue, it’s slightly inconvenient but it’s not off putting. Why can’t L2s offer 50TPS but private transfer, it’s privacy that’s overpriced not regular transfers.

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