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Cybercriminals attack GoDaddy-based cryptocurrency platforms

  • Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead says Bitcoin has performed beyond expectations 
  • He identifies that traditional investors now see the coin as a viable investment option

Dan Morehead, a top executive of popular crypto investment company Pantera Capital during a recent podcast interview declared that Bitcoin’s recent price performance has exceeded all expectations. He further stressed that this performance highlights that the crypto asset has become a viable investment tool.

Morehead also got to predict that Blockchain would become a very interesting investment option in two decades.

He highlighted that the crypto space has been facing some level of hostilities from the US authorities. However, he believes this would not deter traditional investors from Bitcoin. He points out that instead, the coin keeps gaining the trust of these investors as each day passes.

The Pantera Capital top executive also noted that the popular crypto token has gotten to a stage where it has “escape velocity.” He went on to clarify that though the coin is currently over $18,000, it was still 52% lesser than its long-term regression.

He agrees that the federal government decision to print more dollars would push more people into seeing Bitcoin as an investment option. This would keep driving the price of the coin as the growth of the industry would be pushed by real interest of investors.

Pantera Capital top Executive gives opinion on countries trying to copy Bitcoin

Pantera CEO, Dan Morehead, has said that he expects many other people will try to emulate what Bitcoin has been able to achieve.

He points to China who is currently trying to build a blockchain payment system as an example of the impact the coin has had. He added that he expects more imitators to spring up because the blockchain payment system has shown its merit.

You will recall that China alongside other countries like Russia, Japan etc have begun working on a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project. These countries have highlighted that the future of currency is digital

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