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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Is Addressing Commercial Censorship At Wikipedia



Censorship is growing all over the place these days, just look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Now, Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson is addressing the issue as well. Check out his latest post about the subject below.

Community feedback

There were a lot of supporters who understood what he meant, but there were also haters who accused Hoskinson of having the “conspiracy bug.”

Someone told him “Dear Charles, I said this before: your kind heart, vision and will to make the Earth a better place got me into crypto. Ever since Trump started to undermine the trust in science/facts, you seem to have the conspiracy bug running. Wish for you Republican US folks to heal soon.”

A follower said: “The same could be said of Twitter @verified that wouldn’t verify you after years, which makes life easy to usurpers and scammers and despite your substantiate a number of followers, but has no problem to verify nobodies like this guy (no offence JP).”

A fan posted this message: “Nice to see Everipedia and Charles speaking out about that problem. I’m curious how one would design a truly 100% decentralized wiki where they still fact check to prevent wrong information but at the same time also prevent random or malicious deletion of pages?
Even possible?”

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