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XRP Rises 70% In A Week, Flare Networks’ Airdrop Is Coming



The XRP digital asset, with an impressive 37.40% growth over the past 24 hours, is at an annual high of $0.46. The monthly and weekly charts show a growth of 76.71% and 69.73%, respectively. Thus, XRP has been the main leader in the top over the past 30 days, followed by Litecoin (61.27%), Bitcoin (45.29%), LINK (40.43%) and Ethereum (38.29%). The cryptocurrency has regained its third place in the ranking.

Crypto investors who have registered their XRPs with their respective accounts will receive free Spark tokens at a 1:1 ratio on December 12th. Flare will expand the use of the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization by providing the ability to launch smart contracts on XRP. Users will be able to not only use the governance token, but also use Spark as collateral to buy back assets in the Flare ecosystem.

According to Flare, over 20 exchanges have said they will maintain an airdrop and distribute Spark tokens pro rata to their clients based on their XRP holdings.

Image: Ripple News