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Dash Cryptocurrency Penetrating Retail Markets to Promote Adoption with Real-Time Usage

It just looks like the economics of scarcity is meeting the economics of abundance.  It is nice to see Dash evolving to be something useful at a time where there are lot of cryptos which are mainly used only for speculation.

Anything based on speculation will not last forever.  It takes usability for lasting long.  Hype makes no sense.  True adoption is from the real world and therefore growth should also be real world. It is important to acknowledge that the term cryptocurrencies is not trusted by many.  When the overall reputation for crypto improves, a certain degree of growth will be fuelled.

Dash in a tweet expressed that for those who voted “General Usability” Blockchain is evolving.  It is getting very easier to enter in to the world of social payments with Dash cryptocurrency using the Dash Pay Alpha program. By registering the user name on the network the blockchain identity of the users will not be any longer restricted to the cryptographic addresses.

Price fluctuations scare away many prospective users.  This is because not all retail users are not walking around with lot of discretionary money to spend.  The trust in cryptocurrencies has not taken over the trust in government issued currencies.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Dash cryptocurrency facilitating advantage over credit cards, many users think, will provide Dash with an advantage in adoption.”

Dash have been working for nearly 5 years on a development and they are set to launch Dashpay (blockchain username) and Dash Platform (developer platform with the world’s first decentralized HTTP API)

Dash Cryptocurrency Snippets and Updates

Reportedly, about +25 food combos with delivery service are paid with Dash by Venezuelans abroad.  The demand for delivery services has increased since the beginning of the quarantine and Dash is the solution to the payment methods of delivery companies.

At Get Ready Raider, it is possible to shop for over 10,000 products.  Users are permitted to pay with PayPal, card or crypto. However, they are entitled to get 5% discount when they pay using Dash.

Agreed that Dash is doing a great job; however, someone who tried to call Dash a win seemed to exaggerate the status of Dash by expressing that Dash will surpass its all-time high in 2021. The speculation according to several real time investors was frowned upon.  Well, this is not uncommon in every community.  A hype about the crypto they support.

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