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Ethereum and XRP Set to Make it Worthwhile for Users During Current Market Price Fluctuations

Cryptocurrencies across the board saw massive fluctuations in their prices recently with the bull taking over the market. This price surge was also joined by market cap bumps which at one point elevated Bitcoin’s cap to record levels.

Although a majority of the story was about Bitcoin’s surge, it is imperative to not forget the performance put forth by the altcoin market. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and XRP rocketed up the charts to reach zeniths unseen for more than two years. It was now time to see what lay in store for these coins over the next couple of weeks.

At the moment, Ethereum was sitting pretty at the number two position while holding a value of $505.5. The largest altcoin had broken the $600 threshold during the bull run which occurred alongside the launch of Ethereum 2.0. Currently, Ethereum’s market cap clocked in at $57.43 billion while the daily trading volume had increased to $24.1 billion. The price had fallen to $505, with critics pointing to another ‘bubble bust’.

Ethereum supporters chimed in by claiming that the network had witnessed steady growth over the past couple of years, citing it as one of the reasons for the launch of ETH 2.0. Some popular crypto twitteratis added that the Ethereum team must be appreciated because launching v2.0 was like “launching a rocket mid-air”. As an added trivia, Status tweete:



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