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Bitcoin: Temporary Correction or No ATH This Year? The Crypto Weekly Market Update

Bitcoin has a way of surprising people. This week was no exception. A few days ago, almost everyone believed that the cryptocurrency is inevitably headed to a new all-time high. And how could they not? BTC was trading at a few hundred USD below the record from back in 2017. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst.

Yesterday was undoubtedly a bad day for bitcoin as it plunged a total of around $3,000 in less than 24 hours. From a high of about $19,500 down to $16,200, the bears poked and showed their faces. The entire market lost around $80 billion of its capitalization as altcoins actually had it worst.

During the market dive, Bitcoin’s dominance actually increased, showing that not only altcoins failed to hold their ground, but they dropped harder than BTC. Since then, there has been a slight recovery and at the time of this writing, the primary cryptocurrency is trading at around $17,000.

The move was seemingly propelled by the news that US regulators might seek to require identity verification from crypto wallet providers. Coinbase’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, commented on the matter, expressing his worries that if the new rules are implemented, they would be rather harmful to the users and the industry, in general.

At the same time, the popular cryptocurrency exchange OKEx opened withdrawals for the first time since they were shut down around a month ago, which might have prompted users to cash out the profits that they have been sitting on. In fact, CryptoPotato reported that around $500 million were withdrawn from the exchange as the crash started to take place.

In any case, the results are here, and it remains particularly interesting to see where will bitcoin go from here.

Market Data

Market Cap: $512B | 24H Vol: 181B | BTC Dominance: 62%

BTC: $17,132 (-7.98%) | ETH: $516.86 (+1.71%) | XRP: $0.56 (+74.08%)

Bitcoin Worth $500 Million Withdrawn From OKEx as Users Look for Other Alternative. Data shows that users withdrew a total of 29,300 BTC from the popular cryptocurrency exchange OKEx right after it resumed full functionality. This happened just as bitcoin plunged $3,000 in a matter of 24 hours. The exchange also resumed the withdrawals a day earlier than announced and during the Chinese trading hours.

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Coinbase CEO Fears Rumored Regulations Proposed By The Trump Administration. Brian Armstrong, the CEO of the leading US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinabse, has said that he’s worried about the rumored regulations concerning third-party wallet providers having to identify their users. He said that this might harm users and the entire ecosystem.

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