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Tron Foundation Justin Sun Wants Vitalik Buterin to Tweet More about TRON Positively

Justin Sun tweeted about the Multi-chain support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT on TRON.  Thus facilitating Layer 2 for all.

ETH supporters however feel It was not an easy choice for us by any means, but Tron is simply not built for any type of gaming other than gambling. With ETH2.0 coming, we saw a light at the end of the tunnel and made the decision.

Further, Justin Sun expressed, for the record, I love ETH. Without it, our industry and TRON will be much smaller.  Also TRX was an ERC20 token before the migration to the mainnet.  He also stated I kinda wish Vitalik Buterin to tweet more about TRON, positively.

Justin Sun seems to have stated this trying to replicate CZ Binance who stated, kinda wish Vitalik Buterin to tweet more about Bitcoin positively.

When all these discussions are taking place seriously someone innocently wanted to know, is it true that transactions on ETH are much faster and much cheaper than on $TRX? If not then why don’t more people buy and use $TRX?

Meanwhile some community members wished that Vitalik made more fun of Justin Sun. Ton network supporters believe that TRON is amazing and has lots to offer to those who are not ignorant.

Many agree with the idea that TRON is like the android, ETH is like iPhone. Not everyone can buy ETH but TRX will reach every family in all parts of the world. I love TRX, I love ETH and all crypto.

Supporters have to state TRX can be accepted as payment and it’s awesome. Further others stated, anyone that says Tron is Junk, hasn’t used the blockchain. Tron by far is the fastest, cheapest, transacting L1 chain of them all. The user expressed stating I’m ready to debate anyone on that. Tron is building its own Crypto Markets.  The real Web 3.0 is Tron, plus in house interoperability.

Why SO much TRON (TRX) Fans

If you have been an avid TRON fan and you start to doubt, make an ETH purchase and try to move your newly bought ETH to your wallet and believe me you will be convinced again.

Someone responded stating, I know the feeling. Tried ETH over the last month or so and I don’t see how people compare ETH to TRX. By the time I hit refresh, my TRX is there, waiting. Can’t beat that. Further believers say, as more people get into crypto they will also realize this TRON is undervalued and is good for us to stack more.

Tron does well because overall alts do well. Most of them move together.

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