Dapper Labs’ Gaming-Focused Blockchain is Almost Ready: Flow Port is Now Live

Dapper Labs wants to have a new Crypto Kitties Moment with “Flow” a new blockchain focused on gaming, token staking and operations with crypto collectibles.

Blockchain development studio Dapper Labs recently announced a major advance towards the launch of the mainnet for its Flow blockchain. As of November 27, 2020, users will be able to experience Flow Port to interact with their products.

Dapper Labs is the development group responsible for Crypto Kitties – the most famous collectible application of the crypto-verse at the time – and NBA Top Shot, an NBA-licensed collectibles dApp.

Flow: The Next Big Thing Since CryptoKitties

Flow is the most ambitious project developed by Dapper Labs. The team hopes to launch a blockchain focused on open worlds, with capabilities geared explicitly towards game development and operations with collectibles, unique tokens, and other digital assets.

Flow Port is a portal that allows users to create accounts and interact with the blockchain. In an official announcement, the Dapper Labs team said that now its users will be able to enjoy the most essential features of the network, with the confidence that they will be interacting with a fault-free environment:

You now have the ability to create a Flow account on Flow Port, and interact with the Flow blockchain, manage your assets, stake, delegate, and more.

One of the most critical features announced by Dapper Labs is Flow’s compatibility with the popular hardware wallet Ledger. Now, users will be able to save the FLOW Tokens -the network’s native crypto- on those devices.

Besides, crypto wallet Blocto will also support FLOW and will be compatible with cross-currency transactions between FLOW and USDT.

Dapper Labs Developed a Blockchain for Gamers and Stakers

With Ethereum migrating to PoS, and yield farming of DeFi products at its peak, it’s no wonder the Dapper Labs team has paid particular attention to the network’s Staking features.

Users will be able to stheir tokens directly on their Blocto and Ledger wallets through Flow Port. They will also be able to take advantage of intermediaries like Kraken and Coinlist to do the job.

For this, users can choose between staking their own node or delegating their tokens to an existing node operator and receiving a commission proportional to their participation without the need to be directly responsible for a node or risk a lot of funds.

How Flow —the blockchain developed by Dapper Labs— works
How Flow Works

The evolution of CryptoKitties set a very high standard for Dapper Labs’ projects, but Flow promises to be the most ambitious development of the group so far.

And although their blockchain is the main star of the show, it was not conceived overnight. Several enthusiasts and supporters of the company already had this milestone in sight, and Dapper Labs was working on it for quite some time. In fact, the company raised large amounts of money from venture capitalists and even NBA players.

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