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Ripple (XRP) User States Man We Don’t Care of Scammers Just Flip the Damn Switch

Of late, Ripple has been discussing lot of scams.  There are ripple warnings about XRP give away scams and there is no new strategic information grabbing the attention of readers.

Brand Garlinghouse tweeted:  Good morning to everyone besides scammers defrauding people with fake XRP giveaways. Hackers are using IDN homograph attacks (e.g. capital I instead of lowercase l in ripple. com, etc.) and these websites can stay up for months (despite reporting them).

Ripple recently expressed, beware of the latest giveaway scam: there is a fake email and fraudulent website circulating offering “Community Incentive Programs” or “XRP Incentive Plans.” Neither Ripple, nor any executive of our company, has offered—or ever will offer—free giveaways of digital assets.

One of the community members replied stating, Man we don’t care of scammers. Just flip the damn switch.

Though it looks like people who are searching for some interesting news getting tired about scam warnings, the reality is that the scammers target smaller people with nothing.  There are some sensible people who know the money will make its self without sending it too anyone and they eventually ignore most of such scam things.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Ripple (XRP) scam alerts are boring, but we cannot deny that they are becoming clever all the time, which is all the more scary.”

Some of the users stated, there are several platforms who are not permitting users to transfer their XRP over the last 2 years. Further stated that it is like a hostage situation.  The user asked if someone from XRP can help get out of it.

Ripple (XRP) Success Ahead

Scams apart, there is never a dull moment in crypto.  Institutional investor interest is skyrocketing everyday while the industry growth is coming down to real world utility. Brad opines, as a store of value, BTC is an extremely useful inflation hedge. XRP’s speed, cost and scalability are making it extremely useful for payments.

Users are very clear that it’s all about the use case. Regulators need to recognize the potential of these technologies, and provide a level playing field for responsible industry participants.

In terms of XRP price expectation, users expect to see it go parabolic. Some of the users have to state that they have been a part of the XRP community for some time and that they can’t wait for the full speed success up ahead.

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