Ethereum 2.0 Is Set For Launch Today – ETH 2.0 Staking Comes To Coinbase

Not too long ago, we were revealing that Ethereum 20. was just around the corner has been growing at a rapid pace.

The coin’s price also saw big upwards movements these days, mirroring the success of the project.

The first version of Ethereum 2.0launches today.

Ethereum Foundation blog post made the massive announcement just the other day.

Here’s a post of Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin on Twitter:

Ethereum 2.0 staking is coming to Coinbase

It’s been revealed that the US crypto exchange Coinbase addressed plans for supporting Ethereum 2.0 staking rewards – this will probably set the stage for even wider adoption of the smart contract platform, according to Cointelegraph.

In an official blog post, Coinbase said that it plans to roll out ETH2 staking, trading and conversion services starting in early 2021.

Once ETH2 is supported, existing Coinbase customers will be able to convert their Ether (ETH) tokens to ETH2 and earn staking rewards, according to the same online publication mentioned above.

The company said:

“While staked ETH2 tokens remain locked on the beacon chain, Coinbase will also enable trading between ETH2, ETH, and all other supported currencies providing liquidity for our customers.”

Coinbase also said that it will “communicate more details closer to the launch of each feature.”

Someone said: “Speed it up, Vitalik. We need 4 digits $ETH already,” and one other follower posted this: “Thanks for all the hard work you put in Vitalik (and all ETH dev’s) . Looking forward to the future you’ve created! ⧫ 2.0”

A follower said: “Super exciting! can’t believe ETH2 genesis is already here. Congrats to the Ethereum community and thank you for all of your hard work! This is an amazing milestone and accomplishment!”

Regarding the price of Ethereum, at the moment of writing this article, ETH is trading in the green, and it’spriced at $612.44.  

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