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IOHK Reveals New Blog Post On Cardano’s Scheme And More



IOHK is making headlines again after dropping an exciting announcement on their social media account. Check out their tweet below.


The blog post is called, “Blockchain reward sharing – a comparative systematization from first principles – Navigating the diverse landscape of reward-sharing schemes and the choices we have made in the design of Cardano’s reward-sharing scheme.”

IOHK notes in the blog post that after a previous article, “Taking a more high-level view, we will examine from first principles, the general problem of reward sharing in blockchain systems. To recall, the two overarching objectives of any resource-based consensus system is to incentivize the following.”

We suggest that you check out the complete blog post in order to learn all the available details.


Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson wants to reach 1 billion users

In other recent news, just the other day we addressed an issue about the mainstream adoption of Cardano.

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson stated in a recent video that he plans to build community hubs across the major cities of the world.

He said that the community hubs would be tasked with helping to localize the use of Cardano among the local people in each of the communities.


Check out the video on YouTube where the subject is debated by Hoskinson.




Also, the other day, Charles Hoskinson dropped an important update for Goguen. Check out the tweet that he shared.